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Ginger →

Title: Ginger

Pairing: n/a

Characters: The Doctor (in his 23rd incarnation); Ginger Mallory (his new companion)

Genre: Adventure, Parody (sorta)

Rating: Teen (or PG)

Length: 2,285 words.

Summary: The doctor has reached his 23rd incarnation, just over 2000 years old. He meets his soon-to-be companion in a typical “save the day” episode.

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The Great Intellinux →

Characters: Fourth Doctor / Romana II, Clara (Oswald) / Great Intelligence / Linus Torvalds

Genre: Mystery

Length: 7600 words


Well, I’m getting old and my favorite Doctor is Tom Baker – me being American, he’s who I first met. David Tenant is in a league of his own and he travels in this century. The age gives his incarnation an advantage. I’m leveling the field and bringing back Tom as the Doctor and Romana 2 as his companion. I’m giving both the modern, twenty-first century lore of Doctor Who.

The Time Lord and Lady come to Cupertino, California. They’re here for an art show… Christmas come later.

Apologies to Linus Torvalds. Linux is great. The Doctor merely makes the OS even more safe.

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Thoughts Hanging By a Thread

Title: Thoughts Hanging By a Thread

Genre: Drama

Pairings: 11th Doctor / Clara Oswald

Characters: 11th Doctor, Clara Oswald

Length: One-shot


Close to death and plummeting to space, the Doctor and Clara hold on to an extended piece of desiccated engineered-tubing. With the Doctor dropping his Sonic Screwdriver and the TARDIS left within the crumbling space station they were supposed to destroy, the two reflect on their lives and what they could have done.


“What happened to us, Doctor?” she said in a voice that croaked of misery. “Why must we fight this way?”

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Title: Perpetual

Pairings: Tenth Doctor / Rose Tyler
Characters: Tenth Doctor, Rose Tyler
Genre: Romantic Comedy, Historical
Rating: Teen

Summary: The 10th Doctor and Rose Tyler visit the 1,001st Annual 1,001 Foods On a Stick Festival, where they have an alien love potion mishap during a cricket match with a cricket. Hoping to make it up to her, the Doctor takes Rose out for a posh night on the town. Encounters with Dorothy Parker, Robert Benchley and Edna St. Vincent Millay in New York at the dawn of the Jazz age end up throwing all our reluctant Doctor’s excuses to the wind, finally eliciting a passionate kiss for his Rose.

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Title: Be Not Afraid (to Love Me)
Pairings: Eleventh Doctor/Amy Pond
Characters: Amy Pond, Eleventh Doctor
Genre: Romance
Rating: Mature
Length: 531 words
Summary: But he wasn’t imaginary- he was real (she could never in a hundred thousand years imagine something like this)

— 2 months ago
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citivolus asked: I've been looking for a 10/Rose fic I read a while back on Teaspoon. They're stranded on a hot or desert planet because the TARDIS is sick. There was something about burnt coral, and Rose eventually was the one to heal the TARDIS. I've tried Google and going through Teaspoon's archive of 10/Rose, but I can't find it. Help? Please?


That’s the Cloisters series by wildwinterwitch. I love it to death.

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Music of Eternity →

Title: Music of Eternity
Pairings: Doctor/Rose
Characters: Rose Tyler, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, K-9, Romana I, 3rd Doctor, 4th The Doctor, Liz Shaw
Genre: Alternate Universe, Fluff, Hurt/Comfort, Romance
Rating: G
Summary: Their names are written across the stars and in the baseline of every melody; their hearts sing the song of their love and their souls dance to the rhythm of the universe. (doctor/rose)

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Title: Bespoken
Pairing: Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler
Characters: Ditto
Genre: Humor, Romance
Rating: Teen
Length: 22,000 words (complete)
Summary: The Ninth Doctor attempts to educate Rose on the differences between Love’s Baby Soft body spray and real perfume. Guest appearance by Alexander the Great. Light adult fun. And definitely some Greek Goddess cosplay.

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The Other Timelord

Title: The Other Timelord
Characters: Alex
Genre: Action/Adventure
Rating: G
Length: Short
Summary: Just a Prelude of something I’m working on, might continue


“This is really the end.”

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